Frustrated with green-washing?  We are too! 

Rage Against Chemicals is 

New Zealand's only Certified Organic Men's Skincare range.  


Enjoy the purity of Certified Organic Skincare made in New Zealand and independently  certified organic by BiogroNZ.

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It's a perfect time to join the conversation about fragrances, perfume and parfums? These sweet smelling concoctions can contain a hidden cocktail of unlabelled chemicals that have not been assessed for safety.  Rage Against Chemicals staunchly believes in transparent labelling.  We only use natural essential oils, which not only have a beautiful natural scent, but allow you to know exactly what you are putting on your skin. 

Rage Against Chemicals

Mindfully caring for the health of our skin and our planet.

Giving Back

Rage Against Chemicals is proud to be an official Supporter of Sustainable Coastlines. This awesome charity enables and empowers people to look after our beautiful coastlines and waterways through grass roots actions.   

International Award-Winning Certified Organic Skincare made in New Zealand

Rage On

RIGHT TO KNOW : Exposing Toxic Fragrance Chemicals in Beauty Products

Dozens of unregulated chemicals are hidden under the banner "fragrance" on skincare ingredient lists. Extensive research has shown that these unregulated chemicals are linked to serious adverse health effects.  At Rage Against Chemicals we believe everyone has the right to ingredient transparency.  We all should have the right to know exactly what is in the products we buy and to choose what we put on our bodies.    We support EWG (Environmental Working Group) in campaigning for the RIGHT TO KNOW - and for all companies to disclose the fragrance chemicals used in skincare products.

Why Certified Organic?

When it comes to looking after your skin, you want products you can trust.
Because ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ labelling is unregulated in New Zealand, the BioGroNZ Certified Organic Logo independently guarantees each of our products has been produced to an exceptionally high-standard, contains a minimum of 95% organically farmed ingredients and is free from pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances and countless other harmful chemicals found in skincare.

BioGroNZ is an internationally recognised and accredited certifier of organic products. They are New Zealand's largest and most well know independent organic certifier.

Here at Rage Against Chemicals we're driven by a passion and commitment to create botanically powerful, nutrient-rich, cruelty free, sustainably produced skincare products that are better for you and the planet.

We want to encourage the natural free thinker in everyone! Why not look at the ingredients in your skincare products and make a choice about what goes on and in your body?


"I've just recently tried some of this range and it's AMAZING!! 5 stars."   -   Michiko Hylands, Fashion & Beauty Editor, Herald on Sunday. 

 "Our recommendation ... is Rage Against Chemicals' Certified Organic Face Cream....Perfect for applying after time spent outdoors exposed to pollution and the elements when extra hydration and rejuvenation are vital. Remember, being rugged and taking care of yourself aren't mutually exclusive."   - M2 Men's magazine 

"Love your products!!! My skin hasn't looked better! And now the hubby has his own beauty routine too."  Ally, Sydney

"What gorgeous products and gorgeous packaging.  I have very very sensitive skin and have not had any reactions.  The cleansing oil is devine."   Grace, Christchurch

"My partner loves his Beard Oil! Uses it every day!"   Joss, Dargaville

I've now replaced my super expensive non-organic   cleanser in favour of yours which I like better!      Sophie, Mt Eden

Your Mens Face cream is now my go to after a day outdoors.  Sorts out the dryness and has a great scent.  John, Remuera 

I love knowing I'm not covering my face in chemicals before bed and my skin has never looked so clear and felt so smooth - love it!   

Wendy, Tauranga