About Us

Who Are We?  Rage Against Chemicals is a creator of premium quality, Certified Organic Skincare products made in Aotearoa/New Zealand.  We are driven by a passion and commitment to create botanically effective, nutrient-rich, sustainably produced skincare products that are better for us and our planet.

Why The Name? We chose Rage Against Chemicals to define who we are and what we stand for.  We drew a line in the sand against poor quality, chemical laden, greenwashed products and unashamedly declare we believe authentic natural, organic products are better for our skin.   

We want to encourage the Natural Free Thinker in all us.  There is no requirement for companies to test cosmetic products or the ingredients within them for safety, so we want to make some noise and say "hey everyone - look at the ingredients on your skincare products and make a conscious choice about what goes on and in your body.

But Water is a Chemical!  Yes!  But we want to highlight that there is a myriad of unnecessary synthetic and toxic chemicals used in skincare products, as well as many more that are often hidden within ingredients such as "fragrance" or "parfum".  Because of unregulated labelling, "natural" or "organic" can mean anything or nothing at all unless the product is independently certified by an organic or natural certifier such as New Zealand's largest and most well known organic certifier, BioGroNZ.      

Organic Skin Care

What Drives Us?  The desire to create beautiful, effective and naturally powerful skincare.  Skincare that is authentically certified organic, cruelty-free, not tested on animals, non-GM, is kind to the environment, is made with integrity and is great for your skin  - an Organic Skincare range that others love as much as we do.