BioGro NZ - Certified Organic


From the start, we wanted to make high-quality skincare products we could trust and use ourselves.
We chose internationally recognised BioGro, New Zealand's largest and most well known independent organic certifier, to authenticate our products as genuine organic skincare.  
The BioGro logo is your guarantee that our products are free from animal testing, genetic modification, routine use of synthetic pesticides and that we use authentic organic ingredients.
BioGro undertakes annual audits to ensure their exceptionally high standards are continually meet,  so you can be sure our products and our company are keeping to BioGro's and our own stringent organic philosophy and values.
Next time you're considering purchasing a skin care product labelled organic or natural, check for the independent organic certification - if it isn't there, ask yourself why not?  
So keep an eye out for the number 5930 on our products beneath the BioGro logo. It is Rage Against Chemical's unique certification number that verifies our skincare products are genuinely organic and something we are immensely proud of.